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Terms and Conditions

House rules

When visiting Puur SPA, it is expected that the following house rules will be adhered to. When you book, you automatically agree to the conditions below.

  • You are responsible for your own health, read the sauna rules carefully and consult a doctor if in doubt.

  • Showering is mandatory before using the facilities.

  • You can stay with a maximum of 3 people at this location.

  • Complaints afterwards are not possible. If things are not in order, report this to the host or hostess on the spot. Unfortunately, there is little we can do for you afterwards.

  • In the sauna you should sit with the whole body on a towel.

  • Swimwear is not required.

  • There is infusion fluid ready for you in the sauna. It is not allowed to bring your own infusion medium or to use another infusion medium than the one that is ready for you. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine of at least € 250, which may amount to the actual repair costs.

  • It is not allowed to download apps on the existing iPad or to increase the volume of the speakers.

  • No music is allowed to be played outside.

  • It is not allowed and strictly forbidden to add products to the facilities yourself, such as bath foam, scrub salt or oil. -.

  • It is not allowed to walk around in shoes in the wellness area. You get slippers from us.

  • Personal care such as shaving, nail clipping, hair dyeing, use of henna, etc. are not permitted for hygienic reasons. Brushing your teeth is only allowed at the sink. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine of at least € 250, which may amount to the actual repair costs. To be determined by the construction company designated by us.

  • Arriving late will deduct your own time.

  • You must respect the reserved time and leave the complex in time, otherwise we are forced to charge costs and settle these with the customer after your appointment.

  • It is not allowed to bring and consume your own drinks, drinks and alcohol. The use of drugs is also not allowed! Violation of this prohibition will result in an amount of € 250 being charged. Consumptions that we offer are settled at check-out.

  • There is a smoking ban throughout the complex, if this ban is violated an amount of € 250 will be charged. If you want to smoke, you can do this outside at the side door, there is also an ashtray here.

  • As a visitor, you must follow the instructions of the staff at all times.

  • If damage is caused within the complex, compensation will be charged. The actual repair costs are determined by the construction company designated by us plus any costs for temporary closure.

  • PUUR SPA” is not liable for any loss or theft of goods or valuable objects brought by the guest and accepts no liability with regard to injury to persons and/or damage to goods

  • When booking by telephone you automatically agree with our regulations

  • You can pay with us through Tikkie or cash. Any claims are handed over to a collection agency.

  • Check-in is always in consultation.

  • If the rules are not met, Puur SPA has the right to immediately deny visitors access after full payment.

Contact details

Old Turfvaartsestraat 47

4709 RP Nispen


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