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pure SPA

luxury relaxation in the green

You have arrive. Finally you managed to book it. The gate opens and you walk into peace and relaxation. In the wooded area you immediately experience the unique balance of exciting nature  and peaceful silence. Puur Spa invites you to enjoy a completely private experience in all luxury and freedom.  


Whether it's to refuel, well-deserved relaxation for the two of you, a relaxed outing with friends or to unwind in peace, we would like to welcome you at Puur Spa.


We are ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Dry Sauna


welcome to your luxury design suite

We have done our best to create an atmosphere of comfort, luxury and tranquility where you can relax in privacy. Our luxurious design suite is attractively furnished and offers optimal comfort, whether you come for 3 hours or for an entire night, after a visit to Puur Spa you will step back into the world rested.  


Puur Spa consists of a design sauna suite, a relax lounge and an outdoor garden.

You have an unobstructed view over the meadows, which you can enjoy undisturbed in peace.

Our luxurious design suite not only consists of a spacious sauna, a luxurious rain shower and a free-standing bath, but also has a sitting area and a double bed where you can relax, rest or sleep. Of course we have also thought of the subtle enjoyment of the senses, a mini bar, and fine music of your own choice. We offer a varying arrangement which ensures a total experience of wellbeing and luxury.

In the atmospheric relax lounge we have a powerful jetstream jacuzzi with a nice massage jet ready for you, the wood stove with the crackling fire provides wonderful warmth when you open the doors to the panoramic view.  

Did you know we don't have things either? We have deliberately chosen not to place a TV in the room so that you can really relax with yourself and each other. And how about a sauna without bathrobes...not because we don't give you comfort, but because we have wonderful towels that give you the feeling of being in a hammam abroad.  

In addition to all the luxury, the location of Puur Spa is perhaps the most striking. A wonderful panoramic view over the fields, with your feet in your grass or enjoying the sun on our lounge beds.  

Puur Spa offers you the luxury of a hotel room, the wellness of a sauna complex, the tranquility of the countryside and the privacy of an uninhabited island. 

Pure Enjoyment

time to relax


Pure Spa

is pure enjoyment and coming home to yourself  
Open Monday to Sunday by appointment

Old Turfvaartsestraat 47

4709 RP Nispen     06 - 11322977

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